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ぉQuibiき Free Movie Jojo Rabbit

rating 204010 votes
Writers Taika Waititi
Star Taika Waititi
Movie info In the waning months of the Third Reich, the unpopular ten-year-old German boy, Johannes "Jojo" Betzler, can't wait to join the ranks of the Nazi Party's youth organisation, during an intense training weekend that guarantees to separate the men from the boys. Massively into swastikas and ready to give up his life for his megalomaniac idol, Adolf Hitler, instead, the Führer's tiny number one fan gets kicked out of the Hitler Youth after a disastrous first assignment in front of his peers–an ignominious defeat that earns Jojo an equally degrading nickname. Now, with nothing but time on his hands, Johannes is in for a rude awakening when he accidentally unearths his progressive mother's well-hidden secret and comes face-to-face with a shocking new reality so much different from the hypnotic indoctrinations he's absorbed. But, does everything happen for a reason? Are the others always the enemy? In a mad world, devoured by fear and prejudice, is youthful innocence humankind's redemption?

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It was a very refreshing take on a nazi war film. Definitely risky and a lot so balls involved to make the satire work and not backfiring. Taika Waitti had those balls and went even further than you would actually have expected. Its the kind of film you can do now but couldn’t haven been done even 5 years ago.
What I liked most of it that it works during both phases, the comedic ones but also the dramatic ones. There are many shifts of emotions involved and it never feels over the place but exactly giving the audience a mixture of different moods. Acting is great. Roman Griffin Davis is absolutely THE discovery of the year. What an awesome performance for a young first timer. Very intense, funny and absolutely on the note. Excellent job and I am really looking forward to his next films. Thomasin McKenzie was also very good and proved herself as the perfect choice for the role. Sam Rockwell was perfectly cast and played that role with a lot of self irony but also heart. Rebel Wilson was really on fire here and also well chosen for the role she played. Of course there was Archie Yates who just like Davis is a great discovery and played wonderfully. Scarlett Johansson had many strong moments and is absolutely deserving every kind of love she is getting this year. She could have played that mother role pretty standard but she realy added a lot to it. Last but certainly not least there was Taika Waitti himself in the role of Hitler – well imaginary Hitler. Also such a on-the point performance with so much right irony.
A film that worked but could have easily failed. Its one of the most heart warming, funny but also sad films of the year.

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What happened in WWII was very serious so don’t misunderstand me.
I went into this movie totally blind, we saw the “poster” on the computer screen selling tickets and it didn’t indicate it was any sort of Nazi or war movie so we thought it would be fun to have a complete surprise unfold before our eyes. I knew something was going on when they rolled 2 war movie advertisements as part of a really long opening to the movie. I mean really, there are people who fill their calendars with the opening dates of war movies?
Anyway, this is a twist on the stereotypical European setting Nazi war movie where they focus of a few individuals instead of the mass horror that took place. Whoever keeps paying to have these annual Nazi movies produced needs to stop, the last one I went to was Inglorious Basterds and that was it for me. There is nothing new to be discovered with these movies. Please find a new war or at least a new setting outside of Europe. Please spend money creating awareness where there is no awareness. You have a great power to do so.
The acting was OK and you can fall into the story but I wished I was watching something else the entire time.

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